My One on One takes pride in the service we provide. Over the years we have built up a working relationship with many of our clients who have seen positive changes in their life through tuition with our instructors.

Read through some of our customer testimonials to find out what you are missing. If you are a client and have seen beneficial changes in your health, appearance or state of mind then please contact us and you may see your own testimonial on this page very soon.


I ve had a stroke when I was 30yrs old, half paralyzed in a wheel chair, my life was over. On my own, not listening to the limitations of Medicine, I needed to make a change! Through challenging times, hard work and determination I am now walking, working and driving a car again. I did all I can but I carried this deep sadness inside, which doomed and possessed me. “If I could only walk the streets feeling happy again”, was the first thing I said when I met Simone, not really believing anything could be done about it, as I saw all sorts of head doctors in the past. 1 Hr later and this shadow on my heart was gone without a trace! And it has not been back since. Yoga gave me what I was looking for my whole life. It is truly amazing! I can’t wipe the smile of my face! Thank you.

Paul Hanlon, IT consultant


Years of having to hold back because of lower back pain draining my energies and affecting my sleep, made me think I will have to just put up with it for the rest of my days. After our son was born my pain became increasingly worse, due to carrying him and even less sleep, I also had to give up my sports due to pain. I tried many things but after a few sessions with Simone I feel like a new man, the work day at the factory passes without even thinking once about my back, I sleep like a log, I am comfortable for the first time in years. I will keep working on my health as I have seen how big the rewards are, so I can be a fit dad for my family.

Jaxon Bright, Printer


I was working with clients with drug/alcohol dependence in Glasgow. The job began to impact my own health and I developed acute anxiety. I spiraled out of control became a scared little grey mouse, not able to stand up or move, disconnected from myself. I never had such difficulties in my life before.

I was at the stage that I couldn’t function on a day to day basis. I started working with Simone to try and sort it out, and we did within a few sessions I felt stronger! My body and mind are now in tune with each other. I have learned Yoga, the art of breathing and EFT, a life saver! I am stronger than ever and able to cope with life’s stresses.

Simone is an intuitive teacher who will push you to your own individual capabilities that you may not realize you have. The information and guidance from her husband Tobias on diet has allowed me to naturally and slowly change my diet and in fact I have lost over a stone over the course of the year which was not planned it just happened naturally as my body has become healthier. To date I thoroughly enjoy life, my life path is clearer now and I have the courage and strength to make changes.

Lianne Beaton, Nurse


“I experienced back problems in June 2006 which escalated into a disc bulge in the L5S1 disc of my spine (diagnosed by CT). This caused severe & agonising sciatic nerve pain for a period of 6 months due to the bulge pressing against the sciatic nerve. I was prescribed the anti-inflammatory, dicolfenac 3 times per day to manage the pain from the spasms.

A total of 12 private practitioners, over a period of 15 months, tried a cocktail of treatments on me including acupuncture, the Bowen technique, massage, chiropractic treatment and electrotherapy (to name but a few!). I then found Simone’s website – hallelujah!

Within 3 months of Simone’s personally tailored yoga programme, I had reduced my diclofenac dose by a third. After 4 months I was completely drug free! I had tried reducing the dosage in the past, but the pain always returned within days. Simone’s carefully chosen yoga programme has relieved my muscle spasms and she is now working on my core muscles to ensure a repeat performance isn’t on the cards! Simone friendly nature is a tonic and her encouragement is relentless. Moreover, her vast knowledge of various treatment regimes translates into holistic treatments and successful outcomes. “

Dr. Susie Palmer, Corporate Policy Officer


Years of playing badminton at competitive level left me with crippling back pain at the age of 23. Simple things like getting out of bed, changing my clothes or for that matter just lying on my bed without pain to get a good nights sleep seemed out of reach. I had 3 years of physiotherapy on my back and the rest of my injuries too, however, it did nothing.

Within a very short period of working with Simone (few sessions), my back pain started to ease. She makes small changes in what i didn't do right, but it's those little changes that have made the biggest difference in my life.

Imran Badminton Coach

I started yoga in October 2004 to try and improve my fitness for playing rugby. At that point I woke up every morning with back pain and had problems even with dressing. My number was up for the next injury after having injured my neck badly a few month back and all my GP recommended was stopping to play immediately - this is not an option for me.

Since starting my yoga practice and power stretch routine with Simone I no longer experience back pain at all and my flexibility has improved dramatically. The improvement has allowed me to get back to playing rugby for the first team and my performances here have been much better than previously. Being a hobby diver, my breathing improved drastically and I get so much more out of it, thank you.

Iain Graham, General Practitioner

I have been inspired by Simone's way of teaching. She seems to intuitively know what my body needs. Simone teaches yoga and much more. She is always able to pick out something healing for me from her little bag of holistic tools and gives graciously. Being a therapist myself I value and honour the energy the puts into every hour we spend.

Liz Stephen, Psychologist

I started going to Simone because years of high impact aerobics and weight training had considerably reduced my flexibility and I was always getting injured. Ashtanga has actually made me fitter and less prone to injury. What I hadn't expected were the overall benefits to my health and well being.

As a long time sufferer of chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I couldn't believe how quickly my symptoms disappeared after a session of My One on One yoga therapy. She has now given me a "self-help plan" to do at home. A dose of the flu was also made a lot more bearable after an intensive session. I have a very stressful job and I think I'm coping with it much better since I've started seeing Simone.

Friends are telling me that I look less stressed and seem much calmer. So it must be working!

Shereen Nanjiani, Journalist

I studied yoga in Miami for a couple of years with different instructors but did not fully understand the impact it could make on my body and focus until i met Simone. My One on One sessions with Simone took me to a higher level working closely with my breathing technique and understanding what parts of my body needed work and when. I found that many instructors of yoga where excellent at the practice but not at explaining the why and how, this is Simone's strength in engaging pupils of all levels to ensure they understand the practice and how it can work with each individuals body.Kind Regards

Patti Docherty, Recruitment Director

Attending Simone's class was the best thing I did after becoming pregnant. Her classes left me feeling challenged and relaxed. She was very reassuring with the positions/moves I could carry out. As well as advising me when I had to take it easy so I did not overstretch or strain my body. The nights I went to yoga I always slept better and felt refreshed the following day.

I was able to practice yoga right up to the birth of our little girl 'Cara'. The last class I attended was the week before she was born. I would definitely recommend yoga to anyone, and more importantly to anyone who is pregnant. It was an exercise, which I was able to carry out at home on a daily basis and really feel the benefits.

I had a wonderful pregnancy and the birth went well, with a short labour of 2 1/2hours. Now five weeks later I am going back to Simone's wonderful yoga classes.

Helena Lawson, Mother

Simone Moir the yoga teacher has completely changed my life since I commenced My One on One yoga sessions. Her enthusiastic motivational approach means that solving my back problem has not only become achievable but fun. I had fallen into a pattern of episodes of back pain, which were solved by visits to the osteopath. These episodes were becoming more frequent and I was unable to play golf for much of the year. Within two months of commencing yoga with Simone I have become much more flexible and I am playing golf once again. I believe I have said goodbye to back pain.

Robert Broadfoot, Director of Primary Care Dental

I have been learning yoga for about one year and have 1 My One on One a week with Simone and train 2-3 times per week on my own at home.

Results I have seen have been, at 28 years old my flexibility is better than when I was 14 years old more benefit to me than I could have expected, yoga builds strength quickly also. After training with weights for 14yrs I find Yoga a refreshing change a better challenge and an enjoyable form of exercise, which requires not equipment, you can train almost anywhere – no more excuses. I have been training with Simone and can honestly say she is a professional, always doing her best to motivate and encourage you to reach new targets all the time.

Yoga has improved my performance at work as a window cleaner, working at great heights my confidence and balance is 100% better, making me faster and able to earn more income.

John Muldoon, Window cleaner

Personal training with My One on One has been the most significant investment in me that I have made since stopping smoking thirteen years ago. My sessions with Tobias have improved not only my physical appearance, but also my mental agility and entire outlook on life. I intend to maintain this personal development momentum by including some yoga instruction from Simone.

I would challenge anyone not to find similar benefits from a My One on One programme and highly recommend taking that first step!

William Morrison, Personal Development trainer

After years of exercising regularly, I was on a plateau in terms of results achieved. Personal training with Tobias has achieved body shaping and weight loss results, which have far exceeded my expectations, in a relatively short time. Yoga sessions with Simone ensured me to stay flexible throughout the regime and mast me feel great. Unquestionable I work harder and push myself in a My One on One session in a way that I don’t when left to workout to a programme on my own.

Hilary Kane, Lawyer

Simone is an inspirational teacher - why else would I get up at 6.00am to practice my yoga?!  She offers a very personal service to her clients, taking time to create a yoga programme which meets individual needs. I feel great benefits from having worked with Simone for over 18 months and my strength, flexibility and breathing are all much improved. I have also appreciated Simone’s holistic approach and her advice regarding diet and lifestyle has enhanced my sense of well-being. I always thought that only young people can do these thinks – Simone proofed me wrong and encouraged me to excel.

Heather Drysdale Psychotherapist, Glasgow.

Testimonial After years of weight training and high impact aerobics done more harm than good. I was in almost constant pain with my back and I had RSI in my right wrist for several years. I was a mess. Although dubious at first that any or all of these problems could be sorted through a few stretches, I was pleasantly surprised. By my fifth lesson I was no longer in pain anywhere. When I think of the money I have spend on chiropractors and gyms over the years it makes me really upset. This has been a really life changing experience for me. More than just fixing things - opening the mind above all.

Barbara Price