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NEW IN 2013 : personal tailor-made Intensives

Make yourself a priority,
take some time aside for yourself.

Work with me exclusively for 3 days – 1 week

Approx of 3 hours a day.

The main areas we pick from to design Your Personal Experience:

YOGA intensive ( body, mind, breath workshop designed for your needs )

EFT and self-development intensive ( emotional balance and strength )

MEDITATION and CONNECTION work ( visualisation and enhancing intuition )

BODYWORK and ENERGY focus ( rest your soul, come home, recharge )

Let me know your needs and we can further fine tune it to your needs and liking :-)

Example for a 3 days Intensive:

Incl. approx 7hrs of 121 yoga tuition and EFT at 1/2 6 whitevale street

Total of £295

First day:
Initial meeting consultation

practise breath and centring work 2hrs

Including awareness of your individual weaknesses, habits and strengths.

Second day:

Yoga with focus on body, mind, soul and/or emotions, building on home practise.

1  1/2hrs after lunch

Eft ( energy psychology ) as a stress management tool, including deepening and anchoring breath work,

Third day:

2hrs yin yoga incl. tools of calming the mind, physical release of stored up tension and tools for home practise

Things you can add:

I would wish for a session to review.

Feed back and clear any question left, this is also available via skype.

Wrapping it all up,  review, ask and let it sink in.

A: Shamanistic work with Nick Fuller ( )

B: Deep tissue and sports massage with Julie Callaghan

C: Energy shiatsu session with Sandra Watersnake min. 1  1/2 hrs

A: Personal training session in a gym or as a home body weight work out routine ( www.

Cold mornings here we come :-)

morning yoga practise

How best to get from your stretch to hit the snooze button again to your stretch on your mat? Vata-Time

I admit, it’s hard!

…especially if bed feels like heaven and the way to the yoga mat like an Arctic exhibition in the darkness.

What might help some of you is to find factors that might motivate you:

My whole day is better when i do it!

I am in a lovely grounded space and bullet proof for the day, when i keep up my routine.

I will be soooo proud of myself for not letting me down

Doing my practice even if it is just a little keeps my body mind and emotions in balance.

IN MY EXPERIENCE THIS DOES NOT WORK – How best to get from your stretch to hit the snooze button again to your stretch on your mat

Just get up and do it anyhow hehe. Come on enough with trying to reason.

It helps having a German Yoga teacher to catch up with on a regular basis, to keep you inspired and motivated :)

Best way is to get onto your mat is being unconscious, not really knowing how you even got there.

Now that you made it there the rest is easy :-)

Just because you might have gotten out of your routine you are not a lost yogi :-)

Yoga off the mat is just as important!

Listening to your body, mind and emotions as a compass throughout your day, staying open for guidance, surprises and

the lessons the day brings.

As little William would say:

“The most important thing is to be happy!”

Simone would say:

Short term gratification of wants ( duvet morning ) versus long-term benefit of staying in your authentic flow.

Weather and seasonal changes affect our balance. Everyone can benefit from adapting their routine to the season. November through February, when it is cold and dry, is Vata season. When wind, cold, and dry weather continues, Vata accumulates in the environment which can cause a Vata imbalance in the body.

During this season, it is a good idea to adopt a more Vata food. The best tastes to pacify Vata are sweet, salty and sour. Minimize foods that are pungent, bitter, or astringent. Want to know more about it just ask and i shall blog :-)

A good daily routine is best to keep Vata in balance. Stay warm, eat warm foods, and don’t wear yourself out, start you morning gentle. If you are a vata it’s now a time where you can get easily out of balance, immune-system, emotions, energy levels..

Find your routine that works for you. Especially with the Vata time coming up.

That’s YOU not every one else around you:

In my case it’s:

Meditation and energy work ( in or outside of bed) – allowing my day to start in awareness

getting up, having a warm cup to drink – getting the motor started

a minimum of 20 min Yoga ( whatever my body guides me to do ) – connect body mind and spirit

cuddling William awake – filling myself up with the love and sunshine he offers

wholesome breakfast – fuel up ( either porridge or eggs )

Enjoying some William time and go over some homework, get ready for school walk/skip/dance

Now my day can start however it needs/ wants/ works out to be :-)

I am 10 ft tall and bullet proof ;-)

What does it take for you to be 10 ft tall and bullet proof?

p.s. As long as you are still in a space where you truly think a buckets of coffee is the way for your body to have the perfect start of the day, after a night on the spirits, your happiness gage might not be the one to rely on solely :( as it might be needing a service.

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